Pictures from the rehearsals and performance of Christmas Belles - 4/5 December 2009.

Wise Man about to go on (Anita, Annie, Bernadette, Sophia)

A puzzling moment for Geneva (Anita, Sophia, Sharon, Annie, Bernadette)

"Frankie, have you seen my cushion?" (Nigel, Annie)

Lynette has a little trouble with the table (Nigel, Annie, Bernadete, Anita, Beth, Dave, Sophia, Sharon)

Santa and Elf get ready (Nigel, Dave)

...and in full glory

Joseph doesn't have much to say (Dave, Beth)

Got to have an Angel - who knows her lines, entrances and exits (Sophia)

Do we want to know what that's about? (Nigel, Annie, Sharon, Sophia, Beth, Dave)

Ronald just loves Christmas - and his red wagon (Frank)

Maestro of the lights making sure the chairs are "just so" (Mike)

The lowest rung of the social ladder... (Sophie, Annie, Anita)

I got a little problem (Beth, Anita, Sharon, Sophia)

Do you want a ride on my wagon? (Sophie, Frank)

Bows from left to right (Frank, Nigel, Annie, Anita, Sophia...

...Anita, Sophia, Bernadette, Beth, Sophie, Dave)

Copyright Sophie Wilson, 6 December 2009