See also the Pictures of Cephalonia where the story begins.

As the Romantika draws closer to Ithaca, we see more of it than we saw from Cephalonia:

Ithaca as we near port at Piso Aetos

Heading towards Piso Aetos in the Romantika:

Piso Aetos

Farewell to the Romantika:

Romantika heads back to Fiskardo

Looking back at Cephalonia from Piso Aetos's tiny beach:

Cephalonia through an Olive tree

We stayed at Vathi, Ithaca's main town:

Vathi from Paliochora

Vathi from Kostos Castle

View across Molos Gulf to the north part of Ithaca:

Ithaca, near Iain's managed grove

Secluded Gidaki bay on the north east of the south part of Ithaca:

Gidaki bay on Ithaca

We walked from Paliochora (the old capital before it was destroyed by earthquakes and replaced by Vathi) to Dexa beach - here's Iain at the start:

Iain Peters near Paliochora

The old churches, which had been left to decay, are now being restored:

Old church with painted walls near Palichora

Older church, also being restored

One of two private chapels before the descent to Dexa beach:

At last we made it to Dexa beach. The legend is that this is where Odysseus landed here on his return from his 10 year odyssey. The small island has the unlikely name of Skartsoumbonisi - almost as big as the island itself!

Dexa beach, view across Molos gulf

In the evening, Iain and Amanda Peters invited us to their olive groves for a barbecue dinner. Here's Daisy to welcome us:

Diasy Peters

Harvesting olives with the aid of a handy caravan:

Harvesting olives

Iain's Olive oil featured at the barbecue:

Aetos Olive oil

Walking along the coast of the north part of Ithaca towards Stavros, we found this Olive tree near Lefki:

Old Olive tree (going a bit arty!)

A chance for hydrotherapy!

Hydrotherapy in the Ionian sea

Well near Lefki:

John dips the bucket into the coolest, sweetest water ever!

Statue of Odysseus in Stavros


Inside Stavros church:

Stavros church

The final long walk was to climb the north island's Mt. Nirito, starting at Kathara Monastery. First a view back to the south part of Ithaca (Vathi on the left side):

Ithaca from Kathara

The bells in the bell tower at the monastery

Kathara bell

Inside the monastery:

Inside Kathara monastery

Climbing Mount Nirito, looking back at Cephalonia

Nearly at the top of Mt Nirito

Made it, Ma! Top of the World! Fiskardo is just visible on the left. I'm wearing a leg brace - since I did the whole holiday with a sprained medial ligament...

The summit of Mt Nirito

On the way down, we stop at Anogi - this is the church there:

Anogi church

The path to Kioni:

Walking towards Kioni


Kioni as the sun falls

And the holiday's over - here we are heading back to Sami port on Cephalonia:

A last view of Ithaca:

Ithaca from Sami

And the islands seen from the plane home:

Cephalonia from the plane

[You can see more of Ithaca here]

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