Once again armed with the 5MP D7 and with the 4MP Canon S40. 1076 pictures taken, so lots (particularly a lot of ornate art work on churches which didn't resize well for the web) missed out!

First we stayed in La Spezia:

...and visited Portovenere, taking a boat to and walking on the adjacent island of Palmaria

...and also walking in the Cinque Terre

Then a hectic time in Pisa:

...including going up the Leaning Tower:

Then Florence, where I took far too many pictures, since it is a beautiful place

A day trip to Fiesole:

Then Monteriggioni:

and Vescovado (a view of the neighbouring village of Murgo)


San Gimignano:

And finally (and most restfully) the walled city of Lucca:

And the last trip out to Grotta del Vento:

Words and pictures (c) Sophie Wilson 2002. Back to the holiday page.