Firstly, a key to the subsequent shots:

This is a side view through me, showing the spine and spinal chord to its right (I'm laying down - my back is on the left side (down the middle of the picture). Here's a close up on the disc protrusion without any lines in the way:

You can see two bulges to right of the vertebrae at the same height as the "10cm" legend. They're crushing the spinal chord in quite a major way. The slight bulges from the discs between the vertebrae above aren't too bad. Here are some cross sections through the affected disc - if you look at the first picture, the rising left to right diagonal white lines have numbers on the left corresponding to the slice numbers in the top left of these pictures:

The right hand side of these pictures is my left side. The disc protrusion is thus on my left side, affecting the left L4 nerve root. The write up is:

MRI Lumbar Spine:
Between L2 and L5 there are minor non-compressive posterior disc bulges. At L5/S1 there is a large focal left posterior disc protrusion which extends about 2cm above the disc level where it contacts the left L4 nerve root as it passes into the exit foramen. This large fragment may be sequestrated.