Garden Pictures

We'll start with a picture of me and Mike (my ex-, as of 9th March 1999 :-( ) gardening. I love gardening - I could watch Mike do it all day long...

Mike and Sophie

Thrilling, eh? He was digging a stream bed, so that I'd have a babbling brook to listen to. Here we are again, with me remembering that I have a camera for a change:

Sophie, Mike, David and Dad dig the stream

David is pounding the stream bed flat as he works in the hose which will bring water to the top, Mike excavates and Dad holds up a shovel - Mum is, of course, taking the picture of us all. Me? I'm taking a picture of Mum.

The view of the garden from the house:

An hour to cut the lawn!

with a nice swing seat to sit next to the babbling brook. The trees at the end line the lode (stream) which Lode is named after - here's the view down under the trees of the lode:

Bottisham Lode at the back of the house

Not very big, very shallow. The level of the water is controlled by the gates in the lock at the Mill - when the tourists go round Anglesey Abbey, more water is let through - this can wash away the pump which fills the babbling brook!

Here's a closer view of the babbling brook:

all that bare earth has been created by my gardener - I have to fill it with plants, but it takes me ages to put them in. Indeed, here it is in the Autumn of 2000 and I still haven't finished!

Pond and bridge

But I do (courtesy of John - another person to watch work all day long!) have a nice pond at the bottom of the stream with a bridge over it...

Bridge close up

In the winter, the bridge still looks pretty:

Bridge in the snow, Christmas 2000

Looking back towards the house:

The lawn is quite large in reality, too - it takes me an hour to cut it. In 1999, I gained a gardener (Alfred) for the first time due to the continued decline in my back and he is a miracle!

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