How to get to the Turner Hall.

(a) If you know Newmarket, then go to the Turner Hall. Take care parking in the car park just beyond the hall - use a car alarm and don't try to do this on Saturday because everyone parks there to get to the High Street. Here's a picture of the hall and car park:


(b) OK, you don't know Newmarket!

Coming in from the Bottisham Road, (A1303). You come into Newmarket and continue along the High Street. At the clock tower, go left, signposted Exning. Continue past the multistorey car park and bend to the right at the market square. Take the next left, and then shortly after left again down a pretty tight passageway by the side of a church. You'll pass the Turner hall, and then park your car just beyond (alarms advised in case you didn't read section (a)!).

Alternatively coming in from Burwell and Exning, go down the hill (!) into Newmarket and turn right opposite the Five Bells pub. Then turn left again down the aforementioned pretty tight passageway by the side of the church. The rest is left as an exercise for the reader!

(There are other ways, but these are tried and tested routes)

Now, what you need to know is how to get in! Go up the little path between the hall and the church (under the sign in the top picture) and enter the hall through the furthest door. You'll find us all inside:

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