On the 3rd of July 1999, there was the St James' Church & Community Fete, held at Broughton Hall. A nice day, especially considering the enormous thunderstorm early in the morning.

Broughton Hall with Bouncy Slide in the background

The appeal for funds to repair St James' Church Clock was launched here:

St James' Church Clock appeal

There was a bouncy slide for the children:

First Bouncy Castles, now Bouncy Slides

There were lots of stalls selling cakes, plants, books and everything else - here's a view of some of them:

Stalls at the back of Broughton Hall

Waterbeach Brass Band played for us:

Waterbeach Brass Band

And if you weren't sitting next to the band, or near the refreshments, you could sit on the grass:

Broughton Hall with lots of Fete attendees

Steve Clarke was manning the Barbecue, while the kids were all over the Swaffham Bulbeck Fire Engine:

Steve 'Postman' Clarke

And the Firemen finally gave the kids just what they wanted:

Swaffham Bulbeck firemen spray the children

Still spraying the children

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