As part of the Millenium Celebrations, lots of gardens were opened for visiting. It was a splendid two days with wonderful weather and gorgeous sights and smells. Although addresses are printed in the brochure, I've omitted them from this (I just hope I get all the names right!).

Lode Social Club: the start of the gardens with the first of the tell-tale green signs.

Lode Social Club

The photos have been divided into three groups:

Doreen & John Webb, Angela Warren and Derek Clark, Richard Ayres, Richard and Chris Todd, Peter and Marie Ellis, Lode Chapel (David and Janet Bousfield) are on Lode Open Gardens subpage 1

David & Gerry Pencheon, Betty Dormer, Muriel Cordell, Roger Liles, Anthony & Irene Ison, Frank & Jilll Sillitoe, Charlie & Fran Platten are on Lode Open Gardens subpage 2

June Shrubbs, Gerald & Isabell Wright, Gerald & Isabell Wright, Nic & Fay Bawtree, Gilbert Wright, Colin Wright, Gill & Len Fry are on Lode Open Gardens subpage 3

And then, back home after two fantastic afternoons, my own garden had a somewhat shy visitor!

timid hedgehog

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