These pictures are shot with the Pentax *ist D. I shoot in the AdobeRGB colour space using highest quality JPEG format - as a consequence, the resultant images are rather large and unsuitable for the web (leastways, I don't have enough spare web space to put up many of them - see the end for the only two full images that I've put here). I've tried to put up an assortment of images - original pixels (just cropped) or scaled to suit the web space available where necessary - using different lenses. I've also tried to pick interesting subjects. This page is subject to change!

Pond skater: Tamron 90mm f2.8 macro at f3.5, 1/180, ISO800. Converted from AdobeRGB with histogram stretch, sharpened, cropped and scaled with IrfanView.

Gypsy Hall Cottage against stormy sky: Tamron 70-300 at 120mm f11 ISO800. Converted from AdobeRGB with no other processing, scaled with IrfanView.

Robin: Sigma 24-135 at 135mm f11. ISO800. Converted from AdobeRGB with slight histogram stretch (in QImage - Exposure correct) and cropped (so these are original pixels).

"Robin v robin": Sigma 135-400 at 400mm, ISO 400. Colour converted and cropped by QImage, scaled down for the web by IrfanView.

Sigma 24-135 at 78mm, f11, ISO800. Image colour space converted and slightly sharpened by QImage, scaled down by IrfanView for the web. Original on request.

Pentax FA 28-200 at 65mm, f9.5, ISO400. Image colour space converted by QImage, scaled down by IrfanView for the web. Original on request.

Both these Sigma 170-500 images are hyperlinked to their original images (6MP landscape AdobeRGB colour space). First at 170mm


And finally a monster shot. Pentax FA* 400mm f5.6 plus a 1.7x teleconverter (Pentax's, too!). Spot metering, 1/90th at f9.5, ISO200, auto focus. *ist D tripod mounted on Gitzo 1127 with Manfrotto 222 joystick head. Converted with QImage, sharpened, cropped, so these are actual pixels...

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Images and words (c) Sophie Wilson 2003, 2004, 2005.