Yet again armed with the 5MP D7 and with the 3MP Canon Ixus v3 (surprise!).

We stayed in a tiny cottage nestling in a valley:

First we visited Bayeux:

and saw the tapestry all the way to its end (they must have had the same trouble I have with video tape recorders!):

Then Abbaye Bec Hellouin and its village


and a last shot from the place Monet used to paint the city


Honfleur (our original reason for the visit - until we found out just how many things were there!):



Mont San Michel (wow!):

Monet's Garden in Giverny:

with the famous Water Lily pond


Chateau Gaillard (Richard the Lionheart's castle):


Falaise (William the Conqueror's castle (much restored)):

Beuvron-en-Auge (very pretty!):

and a final look at Pont de Normandie

as we went home - via Rambures:

A lovely holiday - but very busy: I've missed out loads of places from the above!

Words and pictures (c) Sophie Wilson 2003. Back to the holiday page.