The following web pages show pictures taken on various holidays. All the images have been resized to suit the web, but the original images can be obtained by contacting me directly - as my camera technology has improved over the years, the more recent ones (14, 10 and 6megapixel: 3000x2000 and 5megapixel: 2560x1920 pixels) are higher definition (A3+ printable) than earlier ones (3megapixel: 2048x1536, 2megapixel: 1760x1168) but all are capable of giving very nice 10x8s. Non commercial use of the original images is free, commercial use subject to negotiation (usually a donation to a charity). And there's always the gigapixel images...

Pictures of Arizona (Jun 2004).

Pictures of Wales (Sep 2003).

Pictures of Normandy (Jun 2003).

Pictures of Barcelona (Apr 2003).

Pictures of Exmoor (Sep 2002).

Pictures of Tuscany (June 2002).

Pictures of Kent (April 2002).

Pictures of Ithaca (Sep 2001).

Pictures of Cephalonia (Sept 2001).

Pictures of Cotswolds (May 2001).

Pictures of Madeira (Sep 2000).

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