An initial flirtation with a one megapixel Casio digital camera has grown into a huge obsession - a bit of a surprise to me, since before the Casio, I'd never bought a camera! I've worked through two, three, four and five megapixel cameras and currently have "only" three - a six megapixel one which is in my handbag always; and my pride and joy: both a Pentax fourteen magapixel digital SLR and a Pentax six megapixel digital SLR. Yes, its serious! (And that's without mentioning the equipment to take gigapixel images... See )

As you might have noticed if you've looked at my holiday, Lode or drama pages, the cameras all get used a lot - I've taken tens of thousands of images. Mostly I have to put only reduced size images onto the web since the original high resolution images are too big, but this page is a chance to put up some original high resolution camera images. They're on this site because I like them a lot! Originals for all other images can be requested by EMail.

The Orangery at Wrest Park (5MP portrait Minolta Dimage 7 colour space)

My love affair with the Pentax leads me to these pictures: both are hyperlinked to their original images (6MP landscape AdobeRGB colour space).

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