Starting at my house, I can walk south into the village proper:

View on Station Road looking North to Willow Grove

This is the main street through Lode variously called Station Road (this bit), The High Street and Lode Road. The picture above looks north (Willow Grove is on the left) - the road becomes the lane followed in the walk up the lode stream above.

The High Street looking South

Go round a slight bend and look south - here (above) the street has become The High Street, though you can't really tell. The block of houses includes the Post Office which is at the centre of the village, run by Steve and Val Clarke (there's a picture of Steve on the Lode Fete set). Eagle eyed viewers can just see a gap on the right (below the blue car, opposite the pink house) which is Mill Road.

Number 2, Mill Road

Here we are at the top of Mill Road. Ah, the wonders of thatch - I'm glad I don't have to knit a roof like that!

Lode Mill

Mill Road leads us to the Mill, which is at the NE corner of Anglesey Abbey. You can see it for free from here, but have to visit the Anglesey Abbey gardens to see inside the Mill, with all its restored wooden machinery. See other pictures of the Mill here.

Lode's Poplar trees

Here's the big line of Poplar trees that makes Lode stand out from the distance (I couldn't fit the tallest ones into the shot very well - they're on the right). The white blob is the Mill again.

The back of Anglesey Abbey

Anglesey Abbey from the back. Above the Mill, the lode stream is bigger and slower.

St James' Church

Back in Lode High Street, and a bit further south again, here's St James' Church.

Stained glass window in St James'

Inside St James'.

High Street looking North

Leaving the church and continuing to the far end of the High Street, looking north into the village (that pink house again, with the Post Office in white at this end). The church is behind the trees on the right. We've come to a zigzag bend in the road (which floods when it rains a lot).

21 Lode Road

Round the bend we get more thatched cottages.

Ivy Lodge

And some more. Of course, Lode also has buildings with tin roofs, and they're less photogenic, so you won't see them here.

Broughton Hall

Broughton Hall, a gift of the Lord Fairhaven (owner of Anglesey Abbey) to the village.

Lode Road looking North

The view up Lode Road into the village. That's all...

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