My camera technology has again moved on - for the holiday in Cephalonia and Ithaca, I took a 5megapixel Minolta DiMAGE 7, a 3megapixel Canon PowerShot S20 and 1.6GBytes of storage (1GByte Microdrive, 340MByte Microdrive and some compact flash cards). I shot 426 pictures on the D7 and 87 on the S20 during the week - only around 1GBytes worth!

We went to Fiskardo at the north of Cephalonia, where we stayed in Athanasia's Pension:

Athanasia's Pension, Ithaca side

Just the place to relax:

Cat at Athanasia's

Breakfast at Athanasia's

Breakfasts were enjoyed by all, especially the wasps who joined us every morning throughout the holiday:

Wasps on the honey pot

Fiskardo is very pretty - you should go there yourself, since the following pictures only hint at it:

Fiskardo in the morning - wide view

Fish nets at Fiskardo

Across the Fiskardo bay

Porto Fiskardo, with Ithaca behind

Captain's Cabin in Fiskardo

Fiskardo in the evening

We went for a walk around Fiskardo, where we saw Fiskardo's old Byzantine church:

Ruins of Byzantine church, Fiskardo headland

Telephoto shot of church with Ithaca behind

Fiskardo's old and new lighthouses are also on the Fournias headland:

Fournias headland

Venetian lighthouse at Fiskardo (on Fournias headland)

Modern lighthouse at Fiskardo

From the coast, you can see the beautiful colours of the Ionian sea and neighbouring islands:

North east coast near Fiskardo

Cephalonia is made of limestone, here some molten rock fell into the sea and the limestone built up around it:

Chert nodules in limestone

The pretty beaches are made of stones:

Isolated Kimilia beach near Fiskardo

While waiting to dry, you can play the game of building a tower, placing only one stone upon another. Bricky John managed 15:

John's pile of 15 stones

The Romantika took us to a long walk across the width of Cephalonia:

Romantika in Fiskardo port

Romantika leaves us - Ithaca in the distance

Recovering after the first scramble up Cephalonia

With difficulty, we gained height on Cephalonia, with views back to Ithaca behind us.

Climbing Cephalonia - a view of Ithaca

After a long hot morning, we reached the top point of our crossing - Karia:

Karia church

The way down:

Heading down on a hot afternoon

At last we can see Asos - we've crossed the island!

View of Asos Bay

Even on a hot afternoon, Cephalonia's beauty takes your breath away:

Cypress framed view of Cephalonia

Iain Peters leading the way:

Iain leading the group towards Asos

Asos, with Asos Castle on the hill across the bay:

Asos Castle

Asos from above:

Asos in the humid air - rather faint!

Finally, the Romantika took us away from Cephalonia:

Fiskardo from the Romantica

The end of our stay on Cephalonia as Fiskardo fades into the distance behind us:

Fiskardo fades into the distance

See the Pictures of Ithaca where the holiday continues!

Words and pictures (c) Sophie Wilson 2001. Back to the holiday page.