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Hi! I'm Sophie Wilson. I live in Lode (Cambridge UK) and work for Broadcom in the DSL Business Unit. In my spare time (yes, there is some), I do photography (and there are my pictures all over this site!), go to a drama group, look after a creche at the Hartington Grove Quaker Meeting and wander around in the village and the countryside around Lode and other interesting places carrying digital cameras. (and go to hydrotherapy and aquamobility and read books and listen to digital Radio 7!)

My pictures of Lode home page is here and the 9th July 2006 opening of the children's playground here.

Pictures of the Element 14 (bought by Broadcom) inaugural party on 26th July 1999 are here: Element 14 BBQ

I have "Spinal Pain" (posh people's back ache!) and the full story is here: Back Pain Or start at the end.

And here are lots of pictures of what I like doing:

Garden Pictures (my garden)

Holiday Pictures

Hartington Grove Quaker Meeting Creche

Family and Friends

So that's it (well, it would be, wouldn't it, since I kept most of the fun down all those links). Drop me a line at work/home


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